Media Applications

If you wish to apply for a media pass for any Drift Masters European Championship (DMEC) event, you must do so here by filling out the media entry form for the event you wish to apply for. 

The entry form for the next event will be found below and the deadline for each event will be highlighted above the form. The entry form must be completed prior to the entry deadline passing.

Alternatively, for some DMEC events, media applications must be sent directly to the venue and in such instances, we will provide a link to where applications can be made.

Before applying for a media pass for any DMEC event, please ensure you have read the DMEC Media Rulebook in full, which can be found here. You will be required to have read and agree to all terms and conditions set out in this rulebook in order to be able to complete an application.

As per our media rulebook above, you will also be required to watermark your content with the DMEC logo. The most recent DMEC media watermark package can be found here.


Event: DMEC Round 1 2019
Venue: Greinbach Circuit, Austria
Event Dates: May 18th & 19th, 2019
Entry Deadline: TBC

DMEC Round 1 media applications are handled directly by the venue, PS Racing Center, Greinbach.

To apply for a media pass, please click here and complete the applicationIf you have any further questions about this, please contact the circuit directly via the contact form on this page.